Live spiritually not religiously!

God said to me: There are many temples, but they are empty, we need living temples, living Christianity. My Mission.



Master of Kinesiotherapy (Physiotherapy)

Master in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

Founder, Therapist and Educator at ELAN – Center for Therapy and Education

Bishop, Pastor and Leader of Worship in the Christian Church Good News in Republic of Macedonia

Author of more than 40 books, composer and interpreter of 15 music albums

Happy husband and father of 4 children


Psychosomatic problems in people and their overcoming were the main motivation for Konstantin to study as a Master of Physiotherapy in the specialty of Orthopedics – Traumatology and Geriatrics, and later as a Master of Clinical and Counseling Psychology. With his 17 years of work experience as a physiotherapist, and upgrading himself with chiropractic, Konstantin realizes that the human physical body is a map of stored emotions and feelings, suppressed longings and surviving traumas of the soul. This is the basis for Konstantin to apply therapeutic-advisory applications that complement each other and enable the psychophysical well-being of patients.

As a founder and manager of the ELAN – Center for Therapy and Education, Konstantin and his team apply therapies for musculoskeletal diseases, discopathy, spinal distortions, degenerative diseases, obesity – fatness, chronic diseases, detoxification and more, through manual therapy, combined exercises and the most modern equipment in the field of physiotherapy.

In Elan, the Emotional Physiotherapy method is applied, by the founder Konstantin Kajsharov, and it is characterized by the release of blocked emotions that have been accumulated and stored in certain places in the patient’s body.
“All people experience emotions, but some express them and others don’t. Emotions that are suppressed create emotional stress that is stored in certain zones of the physical body where it creates thickening of the tissue, blocking of blood and lymph circulation and deposition of metabolic products.
It is the main cause of limited range of motion and joint stiffness, muscle spasm and muscle tension, discopathy and diseases of the spine, calcification, degenerative and autoimmune diseases, metabolic, cardiovascular and chronic diseases and disorders of general well-being.” says Konstantin Kaysharov.
Emotional Physiotherapy includes combinations of therapeutic procedures that enable holistic regeneration in the patient’s spirit, soul and body, and one of the most requested is Spiritual Music Therapy. For all therapies at Elan, a prior appointment is required at the following telephone number +389 75 560 789


Konstantin Kaysharov heard the Voice of God from a young age, which even today guides him in missions and actions that are extraordinary and often unusual, always guided by God’s hand. As a newborn person in 2012, he leaves all previous methods of action and publicly admits his commitment to Christianity, which brings him many inconveniences and challenges. He experiences a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, which is expressed by a radical interruption of his previous way of life. After the epiphany, he stops singing pop songs, stops practicing new age teachings and experiences a spiritual transformation through the Holy Spirit. Before devoting himself to Christianity, Konstantine was a practitioner and promoter of new age teachings, through the practice of meditations, reiki, healing with prana and cosmic energy, bioenergy, astral projections and more. He understands people’s need for enlightenment, longing to spiritually help other people, the application of self-help techniques, spiritual edification and directs them on the right Path of Light. Because of his experience in working with people who dealt with and suffered from occult influences, today as a Pastor he has a clear insight and recognition of the works of the devil that impose themselves in Christian environments.

He says that the devil mostly tries to attack Christians who are born again and exercise the authority of the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Through the gifts of the Holy Spirit, Konstantine discerns occult and mystical impure teachings throughout the Churches, demonic influences, witchcraft, practices of magic, and all forms of darkness that seek to mislead the faithful. In order to expose these situations and train the believers to deal with evil with the help of the Holy Spirit and in the Name of  Lord Jesus Christ, he often travels around the region and the world at the invitation of different Churches and organisations. The services through which Pastor Konstantin is most active are:
• Healing ministry through the release of demons, spells and curses;
• Worshiping God’s Name through original and authentic songs;
• Training and teaching in groups for spiritual action in faith through healing, prophesying, exorcism, preaching the Gospel, etc.
Today, Konstantin is the Bishop and Pastor of the Christian Church Good News in R.M. based in Skopje. His Living Christianity Mission is part of Christian Church Good News in R.M. and includes prophetic worship, healing and deliverance, and its slogan is “Live spiritually, not religiously.” As a minister, he forms Churches, organizes Bible Schools, Spiritual Camps and Pilgrimage trips in Israel,initiate prayer groups, and holds spiritual activities in the Church, as well as various seminars for equipping people in the spiritual sphere such as: Deliverance from demons, Deliverance from spells and curses, Baptism in Water and Spirit, Healing of people, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, New DNA, Spiritual Management, Prayer Minutes, Remodeling, Freedom, Spiritual All-purpose cleaning and many others.


If you are suffering from any illness, pain, trauma and any psychophysical imbalance, you should know that this is not God’s Will for you. Healing is made possible through Christ and is available at this time. The healing done by Konstantin Kaysharov takes place in 2 ways in different environments:

1. In ELAN – Center for Therapy and Education, where M.Sc. Konstantin Kaysharov together with his team applies therapeutic – advisory applications through manual therapy, combined exercises, and physical procedures with the most modern equipment. In these professional conditions, he introduces a therapeutic method that is aimed at the root of diseases – Emotional physiotherapy. Suppressed emotions and emotional stress are stored in the physical body of people and cause disorders of biomechanics, physiology, and psyche in people.
The release of stored emotions and the removal of invisible barriers to psychophysical well-being is achieved with Spiritual Music Therapy, which is part of Emotional Physiotherapy. Spiritual Music Therapy takes place in a group where in the background there are sound frequencies from musical instruments and vocal performances of Kaysharov through which God’s Name is raised and God is glorified. Participants experience strong encouragement and complete harmonization, inner healing, establishing peace and stability. It is recommended both for healthy people and for people who want to improve concentration and sleep, heal their relationships with other people, to overcome trauma, listlessness and lethargy, restlessness, worries and fears, to regain strength and to establish complete peace and well-being. Participation in these procedures is by prior appointment at the ELAN – Center for Therapy and Education by phone +38975560789.

Konstantin Kaysharov also organizes training and seminars on Inner Healing where clients can learn how to experience renewal and transformation for personal well-being, but also to help other people.

2. In Christian Church Good News in Republic of Macedonia – Skopje, Spiritual Healing known among people as Healing Ministry or “Prayer Therapy” is possible according to the book of the same name by Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov. This spiritual healing takes place through prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ and is used in deliverance from demons and demonic influences, dispelling spells, and to release from curses. Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov has described the experiences of this Ministry in the book “Win with Emmanuel”, which provides encouragement in faith in God and a step towards victory and successes in life.

Spiritual healing takes place in groups before or after services, seminars, conferences, or other events at CC Blaga Vest in RM, as part of the healing service of the Church. Entry and participation in these events for such healing are free and are carried out by Pastor Konstantin Kaysharov and part of the Church’s team.

Anyone who wants to receive and keep healing from God needs to build a constructive belief system built from the Holy Scriptures, which requires attendance at Church services.

All information about the events at CC Blaga Vest in RM you can receive by calling +38971370455.









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