Coaching for wellbeing

Kaysharov’s well-being coaching helps the client understand new concepts of thinking and acting in order to realize the best version of himself and his potentials. Provides balance and synchronization at level spirit, soul and body. Coaching for well-being helps overcome invisible barriers and emotional burdens; conditions such as melancholy, fear, exhaustion, loneliness, lack of self-confidence.

In this program, Kaysharov MA provides training through the following seminars:

BALANCE - A lifestyle concept
1. Time management –  development and adoption of the basic principles of organized lifestyle;
2. Internal synchronization – the establishment of a harmonious ambient of productivity;
3. Neutralization of fear, melancholy, nervousness, stress – practical self-help techniques
4. Work or life – adopting a new lifestyle – balance

Restart - the key to success and health
1. Outside the box – determining the physical burden, the emotional burden and the borders who need to be set aside;
2. Unlocking your doors – the meaning of life and expanding your personal field of living for full realization.
3. Restart – the adoption of practical information for a new beginning and cleaning techniques for negative concepts and patterns.
Ship Wheel - for sailing over deep waters
It is a unique experience for:
1. Overcoming heavy seasons in life;
2. Transformation into the best version of the person;
3. Absorption of divine energy;
4. Adopting a technique for creating a virtual defense mechanism.