1. Creating the best version of yourself

For a man to respect and love himself does not mean self-centeredness, but the opportunity to be in peace with himself and in synchrony with life circumstances. Adopting the concept of developing the best version of itself as a goal of consulting with Mr. Kaysharov, enables realization in the person’s life, while the lack of it makes the person uncertain, victim, weak and unrealized.

2. Discovering your potentials

Every person carries his own specificity, but it is necessary to remove the barriers in order to release the potential that is suppressed or not realized during the life of the person. This is the main goal of this type of consultation that helps people who are faced with the dilemma whether they are talented enough to sing, or when they have a fear of public performance, speech impediments, tics, or sweating of hands in excitement, etc. Joy and freedom are the fruit of creativity expressed by the free spirit, while dissatisfaction and repression in a person are the result of the unexpressed potentials and the oppression of the spirit of the person.

3. Examination and confirmation of certain situations

Some people have many plans, different ideas, different perceptions about things, but when a person experiences a storm of contrary attitudes, thoughts and emotions, there is a need for an objective examination and confirmation of what is the best solution or the direction in which a person needs to direct. Many do not have friends to re-examine, while others have many friends, but they do not want them to get to know their internal drives, while others need a professional opinion with a holistic approach that makes these consultations different and practical.

4. Synchronize with yourself
People live according to certain patterns of goals, ideas and expectations that are most often imposed or unconsciously accepted. That is why many of them feel incomplete because they have learned to fulfill other people’s wishes for their life, which led them to dissatisfaction and demotivation. Such a person loses the taste of life, not realizing what he is tending to, and in the internal division has the need to learn how to synchronize himself in unity of the spirit, soul, and body, which is the goal of these consultations.