This is what people say:
“I give so much and no one appreciates it, I constantly have a problem with people and I am hurt.”
“I do not remember when I had peace, as if I was born with fear and negative thoughts, hyperactivity, tachycardia, and in the pangs, I have no time for anything.”
“I do not know how to act around colleagues, as if there is no team work, as if I had to do everything myself.”
“Every upcoming Monday, I promise myself to start eating healthy with some diet and training, but years have passed.”
“My life is a chaos, I miss having a lot of time with my loved ones, having a hobby or reading a book, I just learned to put on a smiling face and ignore my housework.”
“I’m not interested in anything, I’m bored with my friends, when I watch a movie I fall asleep, I already started to forget and I have no concentration, I cook something quickly, I drink a whole hand of vitamins to maintain myself.”
“I live like in a hotel, I go home, I meet people, I eat out on the street, I come back late, I throw clothes, I sleep, and it is the same the next day, when will I get it together?”
“I feel a huge weight and guilt, I struggle with nostalgia and sadness, I do not know whether I love myself, I am not satisfied, I look fat and old.”

Perhaps you have these thoughts and statements, but it is not enough just for a person to get to know the situations in which he is, it is necessary to take initiatives to start living in full well-being. Surely you know what’s best for yourself, but that does not mean that you implement it, that is why it is necessary to have cooperation with someone who does not support you or form the image that you are ill, but someone who, as a friend, will support you and motivate you in your goals.

Every person wants to feel better, to live better, to act better for themselves and others in the environment, but modern times brings contemporary problems like lack of time and overload, lack of energy and vitality, lack of peace and inspiration. These disadvantages affect the lifestyle, health, emotions, relationships with people, productivity, the meaning of existence or in general the whole well-being.

People do not feel happy, free and confident when faced with disturbed balance and lack of well-being. Then the appearance of fear and disturbed self-esteem, insomnia and headache, excess weight, exhaustion, mood changes or indecisiveness, demotivation and distraction indicate the need for coaching for well-being. Often people are turning to coaching to improve one or more aspects of their lives through support, advice, preparation for taking initiatives, guidance and mentoring. Kaysharov’s coaching for welfare, counseling and anazao therapies give a unique holistic approach to the client, based on the experience and expertise of Konstantin Kaysharov, MA.

Fields of action through this approach with clients are:

  • Detection of potentials,
  • Emotional and spiritual balance,
  • Vitality and fitness,
  • Life goals and realization,
  • Financial responsibility,
  • Communication and relationships with people,
  • Time management,
  • Inspiration and well-being.