Anazao Therapy

ANAZAO is a transliteration of the ancient Greek word “Anazao {an-ad-zah’-o}” which means “to revive” “to revive again” “to live again” “to regain strength and liveliness”.

According to this, the term ANAZAO points to the purpose of acting on the client according to the founder Mr. Kaysharov: “To renew the life of the clients in order to live in full well-being, joy and inspiration.”

Anazo therapies represent a holistic unique approach to the client and come as a result of the previous year’s of practice in the healing of Konstantin Kaysharov, as well as his professional competence. Anazao therapies are most often performed in group sessions and are expressed through:

CONTEMPLATIONS   the client is in a state of deepening into motivational messages that encourage pleasant emotions and positive changes for balance and full harmonization. It takes place as a spontaneously relaxing mentoring for neutralizing chronic tiredness, restlessness, insomnia, stress and raising the energy status;

HEALING HROUGH SOUND AND TOUCH – is a transmission of divine energy through a prayer process that provides:   

  • Correction of the genetic matrix and cleaning of the self-destructive concept from the taken samples of action in the person; 
  • Deliverance from hostile influences and entities;
  • Strengthening, inspiration, healing and protection.

Kaysharov’s anazao therapies are aimed at healing the spirit, soul, and body as a spiritual experience that transforms and provides strength for new feats.